Truth Teller Spotlight: Lee Strasburger, artist.

“To express myself in that ‘calling moment’ is to give my energy in its purest, most positive form….”

Strasburger in France, 2017. Photo by Karen Boatwright.

“The most perfect piece of art is the object itself; nothing is more beautiful than the flower.”

The Thousand Melancholies and Magnificences, 2011.
A Mystic as a Soldier, 2009.
Conversations with John Keats on Hampstead Heath, 2011.
Nocturnal Regard, Pacific Grove. Featured in Broad Street’s “Maps & Legends” issue.

“If the passion is genuine and you know it, you are already an artist. Hold on to your dreams and imagine them coming true every day of your life.”

In a Far-Off Land, 2007.
There Are Angels Living on the Roof of My House, featured in Broad Street’s inaugural issue, “Dangerous Territory.”
Gnosis III.
True Stories. Honestly.

An interdisciplinary magazine of nonfiction narratives and artwork.

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