Family Laundry 2: “What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties,” by Luanne Castle.

“In the past, Mrs. Culver has been aided and abetted by her female friends in the art of painting …”

Jennie DeKorn Culver, the author’s great-great-aunt, lived c. 1861–1947.
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What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties

Luanne Reveals Her Sources

“Were they running from Kalamazoo, from scandal, from John Culver — or toward a new world?”

Jennie DeKorn Culver

Jennie’s two children with John Culver, Lela and Rhea.
A report on the divorce in “The Kalamazoo Gazette,” 4 October 1895.
A further report on the divorce from “The Kalamazoo Gazette,” 14 May 1897.
The gift of an easel, in The Kalamazoo Gazette, 6 February 1895.
A middle-aged Jennie in a fur coat.
Jennie with her adult daughters in the mid-1910s.
An aging Jennie with her daughters in the 1920s.
True stories, honestly.

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