Spotlight Interview: Mosaic Artist Erica Hoverter.

On putting the pieces together — design to installation.

“The excitement I feel when I walk by a shimmering glass mosaic … when the light changes, the feeling changes — it’s living glass. It’s beautiful, and one of the most satisfying materials to work with.”

“Scheherazade,” detail. Mixed media, 2006.
A tile mosaic of satyr and nymph from the “House of the Faun” brothel. Pompeii, before 79 B.C.E. Wikimedia.
Detail of the central monument for Unser Corridor, the “Gateway into Rio Rancho.”

On the Power of Mosaics

“Tinto de Verano,” a commissioned wall hanging. Private collection; mixed media.

On Becoming an Artist

“Summer Poppies,” a popular design.

On Commissions

Commissioned restaurant sign, 3 feet x 1 foot.
Erica’s mosaic featured in a Roswell, NM, showroom.
Hollyhock panels for a home garden installation.

Upcycling, Recyling, Enduring: On Materials and Process

“Two Aspirin and an Ice Pack”, a wall hanging shown at the Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space’s
“Waste Not” juried group show. Tempered glass, beer and wine bottles on salvaged board. 10″x 10.”
“Muriel’s Moon,” a design covering two walls and embracing a vanity sink.

On Public Art: Into the Forum

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