Pop Culture Pulse: Flashback for Election Season 2016 — gender, toys, and politics.

How we play says who we are … and possibly how we’ll vote.

The first Barbie was sold in 1959.
Gender in the early 1960s playroom: Barbie is wearing “Saturday Night Date,” a coveted outfit from er earliest days. Ken came along two years later, in 1961.
Barbie for President, 2004.
A typical page in Lilli’s catalogue.
“Bridal Party,” from free-paper-dolls.com.
From free-paper-dolls.com.
The original Burp Gun.
Click to watch a 1959 commercial for Barbie here.
Dr. Barbie started her practice in 1995, with three — yes, three — babies to care for.
Image from USA Today.
Machado gets her crown in 1996.
A hand grabs for the presidency: on the campaign trail, from politico.com.
Read the full transcript and watch the video here.
Clinton post-election, in New York Magazine.

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