Maps & Legends: a sampler

Take a tour of the offerings in our latest issue, now in print and available for purchase on our website and at select bookstores nationwide.

Kat Meads: “Leaving the House”

A photograph, forgetting.

Julie Anderson: “It Cannot Be Conceived”

American idealists in two Chinese revolutions, Cultural and capitalist.

Image by Mark Wyatt, Beijing 1990.

Bradley Dicharry: “Letters and Arts”

How vernacular typography and letterforms map our America.

Light bulbs in the Las Vegas Boneyard, a refuse pile for signage.

Deborah Jiang-Stein: “Generous Bonus Doses”

Dark prison experiments could have cost a mother’s and child’s lives.

Lee Strasburger, “There’s a Hole in Reality through Which We Can Look if We Wish.”

Bryant Mangum: “An Affair of Youth”

In search of flappers, belles, and the legendary Fitzgeralds.

James L. W. West, photo of the Fitzgeralds’ original tombstone, 1970.

Ron Smith: “Suitor”

When George met Martha.

Lee Strasburger, “Beach Goddess,” 2015.

Amira Pierce: “Corniche”

Sea and city: Beirut 2004.

Bea Chang: “The River My Father Promised”

A quest through more than fifty countries.

Postcard, boat on the Soochow River, China, c. 1890.

Henry Walters: “Call & Response”

— A carnival game?

Interview: “Forget About Everything Else”

Matthew Phipps’s talk with TyRuben Ellingson, cinematic art director and visual effects designer.

Ellingson with sketches in his studio.

Harry Kollatz, Jr.: “The Evolution of 817 West Broad”

The storied past of our magazine’s office, a microcosm for the Southern U.S.

A map of our corner of Richmond, 1876.

The legends of this issue’s Contributors:


Julie Anderson’s essays and stories have appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Other Voices, and Writing From the Inside Out, as well as various anthologies.


Bradley Dicharry (photo essay) is a designer, educator, and letterpress printer whose work has appeared throughout the United States. He is currently working on a series translating letterform photographs into letterpress prints.

Industrial letterpress image photographed by Bradley Dicharry.

An interdisciplinary magazine of nonfiction narratives and artwork.

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