From Our Pages: “The Jaw Drops Each Time”: our interview with Daniel M. Krause, sculptor.

“In all my art history classes, I had never read about a Western sculptor who had moved to China and let that culture influence his or her work. I wanted to be the first sculptor to do it.…”

Going through models and maquettes in the studio, from
“A Stable Mind.”
The terra-cotta warriors were a relatively recent discovery when Daniel moved to China. More than eight thousand figures have been unearthed since 1974. You can view a video of the warriors and their traveling exhibition on the VMFA website.
“Negative Space,” one of Daniel’s sculptures riffing on the ancient terra-cotta figures.
Part of the exhibition “The Engineer and Welcome,” Shenzhen, China. Read an article about the philosophy and the how-to of making here.
Daniel’s studio is now a hodgepodge of references and realized works. Image from China
Sculpting on a large scale.
Small versions of Daniel’s work can be purchased through catalogues.
District 798 has become somewhat gentrified. Here patrons stroll around a trendy building in April 1914. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.
Once installed, the work can easily dwarf its creator, as this snapshot from Creative Edge Master Shop shows.
Daniel’s latest large installation: “The Cycle of Life, Water.” Polished stainless steel, eight meters high, 2017. Installed in Tong Zhou, southeastern Beijing.
Daniel made a series of figures for the Scientology flagship center in Clearwater, Florida. You can find out more about this commissioned project, and see a video, in one of our follow-up features: “Religion, Art, and Advertising.”
The landscape around Taos has inspired artists for over a century.
Welding some of the finer bits can happen anywhere.
With Alex at a grand art deco ball in Shanghai.
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