Family Laundry: “An Account of a Poor Oil Stove Bought off Dutch Pete,” by Luanne Castle.

“She and the fire column in movement, she forward. It spins upward a hallucinatory dance…”

Alice Paak with Alice Leuwenhoek, circa 1898.
Print out this broadside at home.

Luanne reveals her sources

Studio portrait of Alice, circa 1890.

Alice Paak DeKorn

The first account of the accident, in The Kalamazoo Gazette, 27 May 1891.
Alice painted this family tree inside a shell for her daughter.

Dutch Pete

Dutch Pete (Peter Kooiman) listed in the Kalamazoo City Directory of 1883.
Dutch Pete bought stolen property from a “mighty bad boy”, as reported 6 September 1889.
Alice’s shawl.
True stories, honestly.

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