“A Special Spirit”: Angeles Gonzalez reproduces Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work in miniature.

“An artist or creator expresses a feeling through the work…. An artist pleases himself. If the work pleases you too, perfect!”

Detail of a fine replica washstand, around five inches high.
Angeles looks over some Gaudí sights in Barcelona.
This hutch, reproduced from one at House for an Art Lover, showcases some of Mackintosh’s signature details.
The entrance of the Glasgow School of Art, which Mackintosh designed inside and out. He called it his masterpiece. Photo by SC, 2006.

Angeles’s Artist’s Statement

Early stages of work on the washstand pictured above.


Glasswork for the washstand.

“As it turned out, my true calling was making the furniture and accessories.”

Design Collaboration

Angeles’s Piano for a House for an Art Lover, with a stool for the miniature player.


The life-size piano in the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.


The actual washstand Angeles made for Susann, who is her biggest new fan.
Close-up on the washstand’s tilework.
Angeles gives the wood special treatment to reproduce aging, dimension, and normal variations in grain.

Read Angeles’s original Spanish statement here, and scroll down for some follow-up questions and more images.

Mackintosh in 1893.
Mackintosh’s wife, Margaret Macdonald, was also his collaborator and helped develop the “Glasgow style.” You can see the similarities between her roses in this painting and the ones for which Mackintosh is famous.
Angeles made the cheval glass mirror here, displayed with a picture of a Mackintosh chair and wardrobe. The cheval mirror is 68 inches tall (or almost seven feet in human scale).
Angeles’s replica of the wardrobe is on the right; to the left is a photograph of the original.
The door and the cheval glass installed in a life-size replica of the apartment Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret Macdonald, shared. The apartment has been reproduced in Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum.
Even a small plant stand requires infinite precision.

And now for some follow-up questions …

A mini Mackintosh Fireplace in black, white, and chrome.
A custom-ordered pink-and-white version of the washstand.
The grillwork and tile painting on this fireplace make it look life-size — but it’s only about 12 inches tall.
Another plant stand with careful wood effects.
House for an Art Lover, exterior.
The Hill House from the exterior, designed by Mackintosh inside and out. Wikimedia Commons.
An interior at the Hill House.
Angeles’s favorite desk, no on view at the Hunterian Museum, part of Glasgow University.
The parlor with the desk ready to use.
A mirror and chair inside the Gaudí House Museum.

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