Becoming essential during Covid-19.

“Even though the facility had kept the virus out of the building so far, the pandemic was killing my dad.”

The author with her father, just days before he died.

Jane survived Covid-19. Her roommate, Elida, did not.

“I‘m not going to start the blame game … except to blame the government for sabotaging the CDC and science.”

Stills from Jane’s video.

Dr. Leslie Hayes took every precaution, but she still caught COVID — her thoughts on contagion, masks, the vaccine, and the holidays.

“The virus had gone through 50 people before I got it. Many of them took precautions and then just got unlucky, but some of them were careless or didn’t think the rules applied to them …”

Alexandra Blum, “The Third Wave.” Mixed media, November 2020.

“… I don’t know if his hands are moving

but I bet they are somehow I’d feel

washed over like that too and be so

proud of us”

who we were when

A young family takes a risk to return from abroad.

“In the last few years, when I’ve gone abroad it has become an increasingly bigger test of courage to state I’m from the U.S.”

The New York Times maintains an interactive daily global virus tracker at

A pandemic and other global breakdowns inspire a visual journal of diverse styles and influences.

“I think for me what is interesting about this series of work is the diversity of voices within myself.”


We give thanks for good work in a difficult time.

Jefferson Davis statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Photograph by Gregory Weatherford.


It’s as welcoming as a mother, but none of this was personal.

When a tsetse fly

Nobody wants to live with a corpse …

Screaming at the Brooklyn Bridge

Going meds-free when the world is having a major depressive episode.

“Maybe depression is a normal response to a global pandemic. We don’t really have benchmarks for such an event. If I get down, what can I use to help me bounce back?”

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